London – CAGE welcomes the news that Britain will repatriate its citizens from Syria, following intense campaigning by communities, NGOs and lawyers. 

This decision by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to return British citizens is a welcome departure from the recent attempts to block such efforts by the Home Secretary Priti Patel.  

Moazzam Begg Outreach Director for CAGE said:

“Britain is late in the game behind countries like Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russian and Kosovo who have been more humane and responsible towards their citizens.”

“It is widely reported and known that vulnerable British children are held in camps. We call upon the British government to ensure their urgent return.”

“We recognise that not everyone within the Government holds the same irresponsible views towards British citizens, many of which are children, who have been caught up in this conflict.” 

“I hope that the Government will now start to comply with established international law, rather than playing politics with the lives of its citizens.”

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