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If you have been affected by the War on Terror or would like to seek advise regarding your rights please contact us

Call our helpline: 0300 030 2243
Email us at casework@cage.ngo.

Our Casework service

Casework is the direct engagement of CAGE with those impacted by the War on Terror.

We work closely with victims and survivors of abuse and mistreatment not only in the UK, but across the globe, supporting them, providing them with relevant information and enabling them to access due process in their case.

Casework seeks to help our clients by identifying their needs and effectively fulfilling them through our professional support and guidance.

The importance of Casework

  1. For the victims and survivors:
    Victims and survivors of the War on Terror suffer from the stigma attached to the allegations they face.
    As a result, they find individuals and organisations, Muslims or non-Muslims unwilling to assist.
    CAGE is often the only organisation where people can seek professional advice in a non-judgmental and religiously/culturally sensitive environment.
  2. For CAGE:
    Casework represents the backbone of CAGE’s work and serves as a basis for all of our projects.
    It is used to inform our research, to formulate first hand evidence-based positions and to provide direction and exclusive content for our media work.

How we support our clients

We seek to empower our clients with the information they require in order to make an informed decision on their cases. Our advice centres on providing an accurate reading of their case, explaining the possible trajectory of it and agreeing on a general plan. We provide access to legal assistance, psychological, emotional or financial support and also campaign on your behalf.

Get in touch

If you have been affected by the war on terror or would like to seek advise regarding your rights please call our helpline: 0300 030 2243 email us at casework@cage.ngo.

Know Your Rights

See our Know Your Rights resources

Survivor Stories

CAGE is at the forefront of combating anti-terror laws that erode due process and suspend all accountability. The work we conduct is vital for survivors of the War on Terror, and through Casework we are able to provide them with hope of justice. Read some of the Survivor stories below: