London – The announcement yesterday by Home Secretary Sajid Javid that information on UK citizens will be shared between government, the intelligence services and local councils, and other public agencies such as the Probation Service, the Charity Commission and the Communities department will have dire consequences for the rule of law in the UK.

Individuals will be flagged as security concerns without having committed any crime, meaning they may be punished through civil sanctions regardless of whether they have done anything illegal or not. [1]

Asim Qureshi, research director for CAGE, said:

“Intelligence agencies thresholds for “people of interest” are not the same as law enforcement or even local authorities. This will inevitably lead to people bring criminalised when they are simply “of interest”, a very loose term, and often highly politicised.”

“Mr Javid’s plans put the UK on a firm footing with France, whose intelligence memos (S files) have led to raids, house arrest, surveillance and airport stops, all on information that cannot be legally tested. This has done nothing to keep the country safe and has only resulted in a two-tier justice system for Muslims, and a toxic climate of fear and mistrust.”



[1] Please see CAGE’s report on the Extremism Analysis Unit here, it’s right-wing links, and the implications for ordinary citizens who are designated “of concern”.

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