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779 Detained

Guantanamo Bay was setup by the US in January 2002 for the indefinite detention of men without trial. The U.S. military officially acknowledged holding 779 prisoners in the camp. The Department of Defence at first kept secret the numbers and identity of the individuals held in Guantanamo Bay.

730 Released

President Bush insisted the men were the ‘worst of the worst’ yet majority have not been charged or tried for any crime but released. Some of the most recently transferred detainees had been held without charge for more than 14 years.

40 Remain

After 17 years there still remains 40 men. President Trump announced that he will keep Guantanamo Bay opened and will fill it up with ‘bad dudes’. President Obama promised to close the prison but failed to deliver.

9 Died

A staff sergeant at Guantanamo Bay states three men the Pentagon says killed themselves were actually tortured to death by the CIA. A total of 9 men have died whilst in US custody.

The Injustice Continues

Guantánamo Bay opened in January 2002 when the first detainee arrived, it remains a symbol of torture, rendition and indefinite detention without charge or trial. The total number of days as the injustice continues:

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Guantanamo: 16 years retrospective (Infographic)

Today marks 16 years since detainees were first brought to Guantanamo detention camp in Cuba. To mark this day, we have produced an infographic (below) to illustrate how detainees found themselves in Guantanamo, the facilities of the camp, and the fate of the 779 individuals held there. With 41 prisoners still

Islamophobia is driving the ‘War on Terror’ and we must call it out

“I’m convinced that Gitmo and other places like Gitmo only exist because it’s detainees are Muslims. I can’t imagine a Christian Gitmo. I can’t Imagine a Jewish Guantanamo. It exists because of Islamophobia. It exists because in the United States the Muslims are the others.” - Michael Ratner, late human

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