London – The Christchurch tragedy has led to much needed reflection over the causes of such violence. Wide sections of society have shown considerable solidarity and a willingness to confront those who create an atmosphere that facilitates these acts.

However, we also see the security lobby once again seeking to exploit fear and prejudice in order to grab even more powers. By capitalising on the anti-facist momentum, PREVENT advocates are seeking to bolster their position by conflating acts of violence and thoughts with the intention to police opinion.

As Highlighted by CAGE previously, PREVENT is a fundamentally flawed policy. Replicating it to other communities will simply deepen the damage it causes and surrender more of our rights to the security state.

Asim Qureshi Research Director for CAGE said:

“The PREVENT lobby has been utterly shameless following this tragedy. Instead of acknowledging the policy they advocate for is failing, they have used the incident as a means to co opt communities to buy into their own oppression, while policy makers walk away from accountability.”

“Incidents like Christchurch do not occur in a vacuum, nor can ‘ideology’ alone propel people to a massacre. It is the political, legislative and media environment – including PREVENT – that legitimises anti-Muslim hatred that is far more influential.”

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