London – CAGE welcomes the Labour leadership candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey’s vow to scrap the ‘failed’ Prevent strategy as she described it.

CAGE spokesperson Cerie Bullivant said:

“It is welcome to see a potential leader of a major political party be bold in condemning PREVENT. Should Rebecca Long-Bailey win the leadership elections, she would be the first Labour party leader, on record, to have vowed to scrap PREVENT entirely. That is the only direction of travel for PREVENT, and it is that it must end.”

“We have consistently called for the scrapping of PREVENT and have published reports outlining its damaging effects from as early as 2011. As a programme it has failed, it has disenfranchised large sections of society and its authoritarian tendencies to crush dissent have become all too clear.”

“We recently issued a report entitled ‘Beyond Prevent’ with a clear 8-point plan to move beyond this legacy of failed policies and towards healthy, safe societies. The plan which has been endorsed by over 100 academics and campaigners, offers solutions based on structural and policy changes, to the root causes of violence.”

“The alternative proposals made by Rebecca Long-Bailey, however, should not seek to roll back time to the previous Labour iteration of PREVENT where Muslim communities were made to assume ownership of violence that is the result of wider societal problems and counter-productive foreign and domestic policies.”

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