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CAGE welcomes Amnesty International joining the Abolish Prevent movement

London - CAGE welcomes Amnesty International’s calls to abolish PREVENT in its recent report. Amnesty’s call echoes that of the broader Abolish Prevent movement that has campaigned relentlessly against this toxic policy since the inception of the strategy.  The report reveals the disturbing truth about PREVENT. It highlights how this

Palestine: How To Tackle The Question Of Condemnation

Pro-Palestinian activists and Palestinians alike are constantly being pressured to condemn and apologise in order to prove their humanity and worthiness.  Questions of condemnation and apology portray a false narrative that Palestinians are instigators of violence and terrorism, while Israel is a hapless victim of the latter. Such a narrative

CAGE Challenges Met Police Commissioner And Chair Of National Police Chiefs On Disproportionate Policing Amidst Crackdown On Pro-Palestine Protesters

London - As tensions rise over recent police crackdowns on pro-Palestine protesters, CAGE has penned a detailed letter to Sir Mark Rowley, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and Chief Constable Gavin Stephens, Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council, questioning the police’s disproportionate approach, highlighting their inaction in ensuring the safety of

Supporting students to stand by their convictions on Palestine

Academic advisor Maryam describes the journey her 6th form students took when their charitable efforts for Palestine were stalled and suppressed by their school. When Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza hit the headlines in May 2021, sixth form students at my secondary school were moved to act. As their

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