London – The Court of Appeal has allowed the continuation of secretive data gathering and blacklisting of citizens by the Home Office, in a landmark case brought by Dr Salman Butt, an academic and Chief Editor of Muslim news website Islam21c, against the Prevent Duty Guidance.

In an earlier disclosure during the course of this legal battle, CAGE exposed the use of secret data by the Home Office, assisted by Islamophobic organisations to blacklist individuals who voice criticism of state policies.

This case also highlights the disturbing use by the State of secret evidence to curtail the rights of the citizen. The war on terror rhetoric has caused a fundamental shift in favour of the State against the interests of the individual.

Cerie Bullivant Spokesperson for CAGE said:

“The Court of Appeal has failed to interrogate the weoponising of the ‘extremist’ label to silence critics of state policies and how far-right Islamophobic organisations such as the Henry Jackson Society are central to this process.”

“It is ironic that whilst we are recognising the injustice of trade union blacklisting, described as a ‘scandal of the abuse of civil liberties’, the Government continues the same policy by Blacklisting Muslims and activists.”

“Despite widespread rejection of the Prevent Duty, the Judiciary has failed to address concerns about how the policy is fundamentally shifting the relationship between the state and the citizen to allow for authoritarian interventions without due cause. This has created a chilling effect across society that has poisoned the relationships between students and teachers, doctors and patients and citizens and public officials.”


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