London – Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu damaged the credibility of the Police by promoting the toxic PREVENT programme and demonstrating a deeply problematic understanding of causes of violence as he lectures in Israel, one of the worlds most militarily violent countries. 

During his speech, Basu urged the newly appointed ‘Independent’ PREVENT reviewer, Lord Carlile, who is on record saying he is biased towards the policy, to ignore ‘malign detractors’ and rather only engage with ‘critical friends’. A clear indication that the review is nothing more than a shallow rebranding exercise to bolster the toxic policy. 

Cerie Bullivant, Spokesperson for CAGE said:

“Neil Basu fails to acknowledge the growing body of research that establish that the causes of violence are rooted in unethical foreign policies, support for despots and hostile domestic laws which target and isolate minorities. PREVENT addresses none of this, it rather perpetuates them.”

“It is ironic that Basu speaks about PREVENT and countering terrorism in Israel, a country condemned by the UN for its policies of violence against civilian Palestinian populations and is the amongst the biggest arms dealers for India, which is engaged in its own violent campaign against a civilian population in Kashmir.”

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