London – The non-contest that saw Boris Johnson waltz into number 10, despite his racism and open Islamophobia, demonstrates the hollow nature of the notion of British values, used by politicians such as Johnson to secure positions of leadership and influence.

Despite now having our own Trump-like leader, who may well enable unbridled hate towards minority communities, this also is also great opportunity to galvanise opposition to Johnson’s rhetoric. This should be based on the pursuit of justice and accountability, values to which the government has so far failed to commit itself.

Cerie Bullievant, spokesperson for CAGE said:

“Boris Johnson has espoused racism, enabled Islamophobia and allied with those whose campaigns are inspired by Nazi propaganda. These are values we do not share, and we know that people in the UK will put away their differences and unite to resist any attempts  to take us back to the politics of the 1930s.”

“If Boris is truly serious about ending cycles of violence, he would do well to heed the example of his political inspiration, Trump whose attempts to push for a negotiated withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan sre evidence that greater understanding and a will to change dogmatic policies is the only way forward in the current securitised climate. ”



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