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Who We Are

Our story

CAGE International has evolved alongside the changing nature of the war on terror.

Established in Ramadan of 2003 as CagePrisoners, we became one of the most reliable sources of information on the status and whereabouts of prisoners seized under the war on terror, for their families, lawyers, as well as press and academics. 

In 2013, CagePrisoners became CAGE in response to a broader remit of confronting other rule of law abuses taking place under UK counter-terrorism strategy.

We were the first to reveal the core injustices of the UK's counter-extremism strategy Prevent, and we continuously confronted broader harmful narratives, laws and policies of the war on terror through reportage, media engagement and legal action.

Twenty years on, our unique approach combining community-based support and advice with our keen eye on current law and policy developments and knowledge of their on-the-ground impact, means that our campaigns and actions are strong, authentic and often successful. Now, our advice and support is sought in diverse civil society responses to harmful war on terror laws and policies around the world.

Our Principles 

Islamic ethos





Rule of law






Our Theory of Change

Our unique approach of independent power building means that we build support and gain strength on our terms, using our values and principles, seeking to share them and spread them to others, rather than seeking change through working within institutions/governments that reject our values, at the detriment to our core principles.

"Verily! Allah will not change the condition of a people unless there is a change of what is in themselves." [Quran 13:11]

Roadmap to Change

We embrace our role as trailblazers and remain unafraid to speak the truth. We commit to constant advocacy and power building.As our voice becomes stronger, our message  is accepted and it grows. Other actors intervene in a similar manner, following our trail.

Public narratives start shifting and arguments for justice become normalised.

Political will to end the ‘war on terror’ and to end the unjust discrimination stemming from it, grows and is established.

If circumstances aren’t favourable in any given context, CAGE International maintains its public interest role of bearing witness to justice.

“O believers! Stand firm for justice as witnesses for Allah” [4:135]

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Meet our Directors

Meet our Team

Anas Mustapha

Head of Public Advocacy

Anwar Mafille

Director of Education

Chafika Attalai

Coordinator, Europe

Halimah Javaid

Casework Manager

Hashim Ali


Hina Khokhar

Senior Admin Officer

Inayah Desai


Jahan Alom

Fundraising Manager

Mansoor Adayfi

Guantanamo Coordinator

Muhammad Mussa

Press Officer

Naila Ahmed

Head of Campaigns

Nehal Abdalla

Coordinator, CAGE Austria

Rayan Freschi

Researcher, France

Shezana Hafiz

Outreach Coordinator

Tahir Islam

Executive Associate

Tamim Allameh

Fundraising Officer

Zoe Darling



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