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If you have been affected by the War on Terror or would like to seek advice regarding your rights please contact us

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What we do

What is Case Work?

Casework is the heart of our work at CAGE International. We understand that the impact of the “War on Terror” is far reaching and our clients reflect this, hailing from a host of backgrounds. 

We help mothers, fathers, wives, brothers and even relatives or friends looking for answers or fighting for justice for their loved ones. We do this free of charge.

Whether there is an urgent crisis or a complex ongoing issue, we have a dedicated team of caseworkers ready to take on each case with professionalism, confidentiality and compassion.

Our familiarity with counter-terrorism case-law, our knowledge of legislation and our direct engagement with the community means we have a deep understanding of the true impact of Counter-Terror powers. We are uniquely positioned to offer valuable insight, guidance and support as a result of our decades of experience in the field and can help our clients navigate through their specific circumstances. 

Throughout the last 20 YEARS, we have built a strong network of support and can provide access to specialised legal professionals, trusted charity and welfare organisations and other support groups, where necessary. We are not lawyers and cannot represent you legally.

How we do it

The Casework Journey

Share Your Story

Contact one of our trained caseworks to share your story

Case Consultation

Consult with us for advice and preliminary recommendations in your case.

Tailored Strategy Consultation

Come in to meet with us for a more in depth discussion and agree a case strategy tailored to your needs. Where necessary, we will introduce you to partner organisations and legal professionals who are experts in your area of concern.

Ongoing Case Updates

Communicate with us regularly regarding developments in your case until we reach a satisfactory resolution.


Once your engagement with us has come to an end, you can always keep in touch and we will always be there to support you further.

Know Your Rights

View our Know Your Rights resources providing a brief overview of what you need to know should you encounter various counter-terror powers. If you or a someone you know are directly impacted, then please contact our helpline for further help and support.

Client Testimonials

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I called the Cage Helpline and I knew after speaking to the caseworker that I was in safe hands. The calmness and care of the caseworker and the experience they displayed helped to deal with pressure I was under. I met the caseworker and the personal care I was shown displayed they cared about my personal well-being.      
I ask Allah to reward the brothers and sisters at CAGE with paradise as they are very sincere in what they do and really feel for the oppressed Muslims. I urge Muslims to support CAGE as they are one of the very few organisations in the World, let alone in Britain, who assist Muslims affected by oppressive and draconian laws.
Abu Abdillah
I kept seeing CAGE pop up on social media and had read a few heart warming stories of cases they had worked on. I felt confident enough to reach out and see if they could help with my situation. It means a lot to me that CAGE made me feel heard, helped me to know my rights and helped me with my situation . I would recommend CAGE to any Muslim facing difficulties in this life
"I remember hearing about CAGE via news some years ago and how they had helped someone within their own organisation who had been detained, so I decided to contact them. From the start to this day they offer me emotional support to help me understand that I'm not alone. And also physical support by the power of the pen and putting me in contact with those who can legally assist me. Without them I feel like I would still be that woman feeling like a victim alone waiting to be harrased and taken advantage of.
It has been an honour to work with CAGE, they got me through my case and issues with my son's school. The support and help I got has been amazing. I felt understood, listened to and morally supported throughout. I want everyone to know how amazing CAGE is, in working for justice. If CAGE wasn't there anymore, where would we all go? Who would we turn to? I have always supported CAGE and will tell neighbours and friends to contact CAGE if they have an issue.

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