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Aspiring to A just world
Established during the month of Ramadan in 2003, CAGE International is a community-powered organisation committed to stand for justice and oppose oppression in words and in practice.
Therefore, CAGE International:

Believes that Islam has been revealed as a mercy to mankind, and takes it as the source of our ethos


Embraces truth, justice, accountability, independence, and empathy with the oppressed and survivors, as its guiding values


Supports preventing and ending unjust wars and political interventions abroad since they cause mass casualties and corruption


Affirms the nations’ right to self-defense against aggression in pursuit of their legitimate aspirations


Stresses that all state policies and practices which lead to arbitrary imprisonment, degrading treatment and assassinations must end


Maintains that all individuals are entitled to due process and a fair trial


Want all laws and policies which contradict basic principles of justice to be repealed, particularly those that arose from the global War on Terror since 2001


Advocate that Muslim minorities must be free to live a dignified life according to their faith, free from state persecution, government interference , and attempts to distort their beliefs and identity.


Recognize that Islamophobia is structural first and foremost; insist that a fair and responsible approach must be adopted by politicians, institutions and media in engaging Islam and Muslims


Demand accountability for all governments, agencies and individuals - officials in particular - that are guilty of crimes or misconduct since 2001; as well as reparations for survivors and victims' families


Champion dialogue and mutual respect as a means to seeking resolution in conflict

CAGE International is made up of over 10 000 members, committed to support justice. Becoming a member is easy. Endorse this manifesto and make a donation.