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These resources provide a crucial overview of what you need to know should you encounter various counter-terror powers. If you or someone you know are directly impacted, then please contact our helpline for further help and support.

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Arrests Fact Sheet


What do I do if I am arrested under terrorism legislation?
What should I expect to happen?
How to behave at a police station?
Can the police stop me from contacting others?
How long can I be kept?
Are solicitors free?
Can family members or friends provide a solicitor for someone who has been
Can I be arrested if I am under 18 years of age?
What if I am a vulnerable adult?
What will happen after?
Take action

MI5 Harassment

Who are MI5?
Why would they want to approach me?
Can MI5 arrest me?
Can MI5 administer a Schedule 7 stop?
Do I have to speak to or meet with MI5 officers?
If I choose to meet them, what should I do?
Where might MI5 approach me?
What should I do if I am approached by MI5?
What should I do if I am repeatedly contacted by MI5?


What is PREVENT?
What is the PREVENT duty?
Who does the duty apply to?
What is “extremism”?
What is “radicalisation”?
What are the signs of radicalisation?
What is wrong with PREVENT?
Know Your Rights
Why contact CAGE?
PREVENT in Schools

Passing through UK borders with privacy

1) Travel light
2) Use a strong password
3) Backup all content on your device
4) Wipe your phone
5) What to do if you are asked for your devices

Police doorstepping

1) Don’t let them in
2) Make a Record
3) Question the officers
4) Take action
5) Remember


How should I behave if my home is raided?
What documentation should the police provide me when entering my property?
Do the police require a warrant to search my property?
When can the police enter my property without a warrant?
What must the warrant contain?
Does the warrant allow for individuals to be searched?
What if the raid takes place in a shared house?
Can I record a raid?
If I am asked questions during a raid, do I have to answer them?
What can the police seize during a search?
How long can a raid last?
What happens at the end of a raid?
When/How should I get my items back?
What else can happen?

Schedule 7

Who can be stopped under Schedule 7?
Where can I be stopped?
Who can stop me?
When can I be stopped?
What should I expect?
What can I do?
Do I have the right to remain silent?
Can the police demand access to my social media accounts?
Have I done something wrong if I am stopped?
What if I miss my flight/ferry/train because I’ve been stopped?
What if due to work purposes I travel with confidential data?
Can MI5 question me while I am stopped?
Can information gathered under Schedule 7 be used against me in court?
Before you travel
After your stop

Social Media & Online

What can’t I do online?
What can I do online?
Chatting online? Use your common sense!
How can my data be accessed?
Why would the authorities access my data?
Isn’t there a right to privacy and freedom of thought?
So how do I protect my private online activity?
Doesn’t using encryption mean I have something to hide?
What can I do next?

Palestine activism in school

Does my child have the right to protest in school?
Does the school have a right to check my child’s mobile phone?
How can I express my concerns with the approach my school has taken in relation to Palestine?
Is my child allowed to wear or display symbols such as a slogan or a flag?
What happens if the school is saying it is “not political”, and therefore my child cannot talk about Palestine?
What if the school refers my child to Prevent?
How can I ensure my child is safe at school if Prevent is involved, or what if Prevent persists?
What if the police are called to deal with my child through Prevent at school?
How can I advise my child to speak about Palestinian issues without being accused of “glorifying terrorism/terrorist activities”?
What can I do if my child’s school invites a biased organisation like Solutions Not Sides (SNS) to speak on Palestine/Israel?


Do I have the right to protest?
Can I attend protests in support of Palestine?
What restrictions can the police place on protests?
Can I chant “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free”?
What can I put on my placard?
Should I take my phone?
Should I conceal my face?
Do I have to give my personal details to the police?
Can I take part in a sit-in?
Can I take part in a direct action protest, for example occupying an arms factory?
What do I do if I am arrested?

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