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Know Your Rights: How To Confidently Express Solidarity With Palestine

October 10, 2023

This document provides guidance on how to confidently express solidarity and support for the right to resist and self-defence of Palestinians enshrined in principles of international law including Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions (1977), art. 1 (4), and numerous UN General Assembly resolutions and more recently recognised by the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine Francesca Albanese.

It is crucial British Muslims exercise their freedom of speech and assembly in expressing their opposition to Israeli atrocities and settler colonialism. This is essential in challenging the constant attempts to ban, silence and criminalise expressions of support with Palestine. 

Can I publicly support the right of Palestinians to resist occupation and defend themselves against war crimes?

Yes. It is lawful to express support for the right of Palestinian resistance and the right to self defence. It is lawful to express solidarity with Palestinian people who are suffering occupation and under blockades by Israel. 

Can I share media reports and publications on the situation in Palestine if it cites proscribed groups?

It is lawful to share media reports and publications that report on the situation in Palestine, if that is done so without inviting support or glorifying or encouragement for a proscribed organisation.

Can I wear Palestinian badges or flags or the keffiyeh to show my solidarity? 

Yes, It is legal to wear badges, the keffiyeh and hold flags that represent the Palestinian national colours. 

However, waving flags or emblems of proscribed organisations such as Hamas is unlawful.

Can I attend demonstrations to show my support for Palestine and to oppose Israeli apartheid?

Yes. We all have the right to exercise the freedom of assembly and it is legal to attend a demonstration in support of Palestine and in opposition to Israeli occupation and apartheid. 

Can I raise funds for Palestinians?

Yes, and we must. 

It is lawful to raise charitable funds and donations for Palestinians affected by and the occupation. There are a number of registered Islamic charities who regularly raise funds for Palestine, in support of orphans and families whose homes have been destroyed. 

To raise funds for a proscribed organisation is unlawful as this would fall under support for a proscribed organisation and the encouragement terrorism. 

Can I pray for the Palestinian people including for their victory and liberation? 


BDS - can I support or ask to raise awareness of the BDS Movement?

Yes, and you could also coordinate with the UK BDS movement which can be contacted here: 

Can I publicly support Hamas, Hezbollah or other proscribed groups? 


By expressing support for a proscribed organisation, individuals are at risk of:
- Inviting support for a proscribed organisation under the Terrorism Act (TACT) of 2000. 
- ‘Encouragement of terrorism’ under the Terrorism Act (TACT) of 2006. 

Offences include, posting or sharing images, videos and material that could be seen as encouraging acts of terrorism or that might constitute a terrorist publication, 

Why are Palestinian organisations ‘proscribed’?

The government uses proscription laws to ban groups they disagree with politically.

The proscription of Hamas (including its political wing), the Al-Qassam Brigades, Palestinian Islamic Jihad under the widely censorious and politicised terrorism powers makes any expression of support for them a criminal offence.
We can voice our concerns about the proscription without indicating any support and highlight hypocrisy in applying these powers. 

We should educate people how this serves to criminalise demonstrating solidarity with and supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle against apartheid and occupation, and further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

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Know Your Rights: How To Confidently Express Solidarity With Palestine
Know Your Rights
Know Your Rights: How To Confidently Express Solidarity With Palestine
Know Your Rights