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Free Dr Hend

Save Dr Hend from deportation to Egypt where she faces torture and execution.

Having supported and treated prisoners and given them access to lawyers in Egypt as well as having witnessed two massacres in Egypt, she became informed that she would be arrested in Egypt for her political activism.

Dr Hend fled her country to Sweden. In Sweden, her applications for asylum kept being delayed, and CAGE supported her applications through our casework team. When she was arrested in Sweden and threatened with deportation, CAGE accelerated this to a campaign.


  1. Dr Hend was released after CAGE and her lawyers appealed to the UN Committee against Torture which an interim injunction to the Swedish authorities to halt her deportation.
  2. Co-ordinated a large scale social media public advocacy campaign #FreeDrHend with supporters tagging Swedish migration minister to free Dr Hend.

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CAGE International is an independent advocacy organisation that aspires to a just world. We challenge War on Terror inspired state oppression and empower communities to dismantle  the discourse and policies of the global War on Terror.