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Detention Immorality report

November 1, 2009

Widespread terror arrests and the subsequent hysteria whipped up through the media are not the only methods with which the UK government has propagated its detention policies. Alternative policies have been put into place which sought to detain individuals without charge; such policies include the use of control orders, deportations and extradition.
In many cases these have resulted in long-term detentions without charge or trial. It is these cases that this report seeks to address – by highlighting the immorality of the policies that have been implemented in order to detain suspects without charge.
Detention without charge in the UK has found synonyms in other policies around the world – the men who have now suffered eight years of imprisonment refer to prisons such as Long Lartin as ‘Long Lartanamo – Britain’s Guantanamo’. The use of such symbolism has been a key feature of the way that these men view their incarceration in relation to the detention of others around the world.