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Djamel Beghal - British and French complicity in torture report

October 1, 2011

As part of the series of reports called Fabricating Terrorism, Cageprisoners took it upon itself, since 2005, to highlight the extent to which the British authorities had acted unlawfully in the treatment of terrorism suspects held abroad, but more importantly, their complicity in rendition and torture. 
This report is an extension of the same theme, as the words of Djamel Beghal expose how not only the British, but also the French authorities were involved in his torture, dating back to just before 9/11.
The case is a horrific reminder of the policies that were used by European countries against those who were suspected of involvement in terrorism.
Through this report, it is hoped that both the British and French authorities will take stock of their involvement, and reassess the way in which they have treated such men. Beghal’s cases deserves nothing less than a complete re-examination, with the hope he and others will be able to receive some semblance of justice.