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The Dossier: The Torture of Ali Al-Marri

Moazzam Begg, outreach director for CAGE, himself a survivor of torture in Bagram and Guantanamo prisons said:
“Up until today US federal agents have insisted that they do not torture. However, during my incarceration, I was questioned by members of the FBI during every leg of my journey and threatened with rendition to Egypt or Syria in their presence, if I did not cooperate – an experience related to me by many others. Today, this evidence suggests that the FBI does in fact take part in systematic abuse. For this they, and the contractors that collaborate with them, must be held accountable.”
“The report also shows that the conditions in Guantanamo, which amount to a moral and legal black hole, have long been replicated, not only on US soil, but in many prisons throughout the world. CAGE has been documenting and releasing this information for years, and it is now high time that questions be asked as to why the United States and its allies continue to enjoy impunity despite clear evidence that they are violating international law.”
“We are making this evidence available in a political climate under US President Donald Trump that seeks to normalise torture and even reward its advocates. These revelations are a warning to all torturers and their enablers that we are determined to bring such criminals to the public eye and the courts.
Torture survivor Ali al-Marri told CAGE:
“Ali Soufan, one of the interrogators who abused me markets himself as an anti-torture advocate. This man continues to benefit from this label despite threatening me with rape, with kidnapping and torturing my family, and attempting to suffocate me so that I could confess falsely. I hope that this information leads to him, and the others involved in my torture, being brought to justice.”
Andy Savage, who represented Ali al-Marri,said:
“All the uproar about the use of torture methods was over what happened in Guantanamo Bay. Most Americans don’t realise that it also happened in their own country in Charleston, South Carolina. More specifically, that this torture was carried out by a rogue agent of the FBI, as proven from the prison logs.”