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#DontHateDebate Campaign

February 3, 2015

Don’t Hate, Debate!’ is a campaign led by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) in partnership with advocacy group CAGE, it is aimed at creating a platform for people of all faiths and none, in order to engage in positive and compassionate dialogue, much needed discussion in a world full of animosity and a lack of understanding.

As part of CAGE’s work on legislation and policies enforced as part of the War on Terror, we have been concerned about the way in which narratives play a key role in the demonising of certain groups who are abused as a consequence of this. Part of the reason why torture and unlawful killing becomes not only accepted, but common practice, is due to the ‘otherising’ of communities.
Muslim communities across the world have become suspect communities, where they are not only suspected due to their actions, but also their beliefs. The UK government’s PREVENT strategy and its accompanying frameworks are the perfect example of how misconstruing the way individuals and communities think and behave can result in disproportionate and unnecessary national security policies; inhibiting people’s freedom of expression, thought and belief.

One way to redress some of the hysteria that exists within the narratives around Muslims is to establish an open environment for dialogue and debate in order to develop empathy and furthermore encourage potential conflict resolution. All this, without simply relying on empirically unsound assumptions about who communities are and what they believe in.

Join us on Friday 13 February 2015 where we discuss the limits, objectives and application of free speech. Speakers include : Moazzam Begg of CAGE, Hamza Tzortsis of iERA, Abdullah al-Andalusi, Prof Peter Cave, Andre Walker and Dan Hodges, chaired by Yvonne Ridley.

For more information about this campaign you can watch this trailer here, and more detailed information here, and to book your tickets please see here

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#DontHateDebate Campaign
#DontHateDebate Campaign