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Censoring Palestine, From Schools to Workplaces

December 21, 2023

A new analysis by CAGE International reveals an alarming increase in the number and types of cases involving an attack on expressions of support and solidarity for Palestine across the UK. 

CAGE International notes a 455% increase in the number of cases it has handled since the last upsurge in 2021. Between October and December 2023, CAGE International handled 214 cases, spanning 118 school and college cases, 35 workplace cases, 35 protest and related cases, 13 university cases, and 13 mosque cases. 

The report outlines various aggressive tactics employed in the repression of Palestine solidarity, including:
- Enforcing removal of Palestine symbols or clothing in schools and workplaces.
- Holding students in isolation rooms and imposing suspensions and exclusions.
- Disciplinary actions against parents and students
- Criminal investigations, suspensions, and immediate terminations in workplaces.
- Gross misquotations of Imams in media outlets leading to Charity Commission investigations. 
- Abuse of anti -terrorism powers at protests.

Key Findings:
- An aggressive and authoritarian response from the government to legitimate activism in support of Palestine.
- A disturbing double standard compared to the government's responses to the Russia-Ukraine conflict revealing hypocrisy in public spaces, schools, and workplaces.
- The Islamophobic nature of censorship, with 209 out of the 214 cases involving Muslims.
- The weoponising of PREVENT and PREVENT referrals in suppressing support for Palestine. 
- A consistent pattern nationwide across towns and cities, from Newcastle to Portsmouth.