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The Guantanamo Detainees report

May 13, 2004

CagePrisoners’ first ever report.
In early 2004, United Press International correspondent, John Daly, produced a ground-breaking report, purporting to establish the nationalities of 95% of the detainees being held in US custody at its naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The first of its kind, it accounted for 619 in total, gathering information from global media reports, as well as deriving information from meetings with government officials. However, Daly’s report was restricted to the numbers of detainees per nationality, with no mention of the actual names of the detainees. Much of this information was then made available, in the Arabic language press, in the al-Rai al-Am report by Khalil Khalaf and Dahim al-Qahtani, the most extensive to date in listing 810 prisoners. Unfortunately the latter contained a number of inaccuracies, duplicate names, and was restricted to an Arabic-speaking audience only. therefore undertook the task of translating the names from the al-Rai al-Am report, verifying and supplementing this information with the names of the detainees from our original “prisoner gallery” database since October 2003 – for which much thanks are due to the Arabic site for the names of the Saudi and Yemeni detainees – as well as further in-depth research from media reports and figures from the UPI report.
This report presents the names of approximately* 480 detainees, and has identified the nationalities of a further 174. *It organises detainees according to their nationalities, listing them alphabetically (according to their forenames) within each category. We have also listed the residents of a particular country along with their nationals. The number of prisoners of each nationality has also been mentioned. The respective countries have been arranged alphabetically, followed by a brief listing of those whose nationalities have not been identified.