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Schedule 7: Harassment at Borders

August 20, 2019

CAGE has been dealing with Schedule 7 related cases since our inception, making this report, in many ways, overdue.
This report represents an in-depth analysis of a law which, has affected hundreds of thousands of people over the past 18 years. Weaving together powerful first-hand evidence gathered from Schedule 7 stops, with empirical and legal analysis, this report not only critically examines Schedule 7, but also situates it within the wider context of counter-terrorism laws and policies, providing the first ever comprehensive analysis in the UK.
Through this evidence-based research, the report concludes that Schedule 7 disregards the norms of due process at every level, and it permits and justifies systematic abuses against individuals including ordinary Muslims, journalists, aid workers, and lawyers. As such, the law is not only ineffective, but it is deeply counter-productive.
This report recommends that the government repeal Schedule 7 TACT and Schedule 3 of the Counter-Terrorism Border Security Act with immediate effect, and failing this, that civil society act to document the use of new Schedule 3 powers to target individuals and groups on a more overtly political basis and, within the emergent framing of political movements as ‘hostile activity’, continue to call attention to the danger this law poses to community relations and society as a whole.