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Prevent and Tackling Extremism

May 27, 2014

What is PREVENT?
After the London bombings in July 2005, the British government under the CONTEST strand of its anti-terrorism strategy, created a taskforce to prevent “Violent Muslim Extremism”. Many Muslim representatives and leaders joined the British government in their quest to tackle “Muslim Extremism” in order to disassociate themselves from acts of political violence. This gave licence to the government to create PREVENT, the first all-encompassing social policy targeting almost every aspect of Muslim life. PREVENT has undergone a number of revisions, both in 2011, and the newest revised proposal, launched in December 2013.
What is CTS?
Despite this being one of the most immoral pieces of legislation since the Terrorism Act 2000, as of 12 February 2015, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill (CTS) became an Act of Parliament. This piece of legislation will have a wide reaching impact, particularly against the Muslim community in Britain. In order for Part 5 of the CTS Act, which deals with the implementation of PREVENT, to become workable, the Home Secretary still need to get permission from both Houses to pass what is known as secondary legislation. This is where much of the detail of the CTS Act is contained including what the duty to stop individuals from being drawn into terrorism actually means. On the 12th of March 2015, a draft of the PREVENT duty guidance was published which provides direction for all those obliged to implement this part of the bill, including teachers and doctors. 
Our Latest work on this project:
- EXCLUSIVE: CAGE leaks comprehensive PREVENT counter-terrorism training material in the interest of transparency
- CAGE leaks PREVENT training DVDs
- Report: CONSENT DENIED: How PREVENT questions children without parental involvement
- Report: Failing our Communities: A Case Study Approach to Understanding PREVENT
- Report: Challenging the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill
- Report: The PREVENT Strategy: A Cradle to Grave Police-State

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Prevent and Tackling Extremism
Prevent and Tackling Extremism