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European Policy Briefing: Special Edition on Palestine

January 5, 2024

This “European Policy Briefing: Special Edition on Palestine” aims to shed light on the systematic domestic repression of Palestine activism orchestrated by European governments. The report features briefings from France, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Austria.

  • It highlights the pattern of repression: We dissect European policies towards Palestine, revealing a consistent pattern of repression and censorship. This analysis aims to bring these injustices to light.
  • To encourage further investigation: We provide an analysis for researchers and analysts to build upon, deepening the understanding of European policies both at the State level and also international institutional level.
  • To empower civil society: We aim to provide information that civil society organisations and activists can utilise enabling them to exchange knowledge and also challenge injustice effectively.

Each country-specific section offers insights into domestic policies and actions, that connect to an overarching view of the way European governments have chosen to respond to the Gaza genocide.