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Audible publishes gripping “Letters from Guantanamo” by Mansoor Adayfi

May 10, 2024

London - Popular audiobook platform Audible have exclusively released Mansoor Adayfi’s book ‘Letters From Guantanamo'. Through these letters Adayfi, CAGE International’s Guantanamo Project Coordinator, at times addressed to world leaders, we are provided with a gripping tale that chronicles chronicles Adayfi's harrowing journey from being unjustly detained following the start of the so-called War on Terror, to his eventual release without charge or trial after 15 years of imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay.

In its promotion of Adayfi’s book, Audible describes the letters: 

“In this Audible Original production, listeners are invited to witness Adayfi's cathartic release as he pens a final letter to Guantanamo, inspiring others affected by the prison's injustices to share their own stories. From families of former prisoners to attorneys and former detainees, Letters From Guantanamo amplifies voices long silenced, shedding light on the enduring spirit of the survivors of Guantanamo Bay.”

Mansoor Adayfi, former Guantanamo Bay prisoner of around 15 years and CAGE International’s Guantnamo Project Coordinator said:

"I wrote this story now to remind you how the US Military Prison Camp at Guantánamo remains open after 22 years and still holds 30 prisoners. While we know men were tortured there, we continue to ask “Could Guantánamo have been more humane?” instead of “Why does Guantánamo even exist and why is it still open?” Guantánamo is a dark and scary place, but if you look closer, you will find friendship, love, and even art. This is what I want to share with you. Of the 779 men held there, only 10 were ever charged with crimes and only 1 was convicted. 

So, who were we? We were sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, and so much more. I was a teenager when I arrived, stubborn and afraid. These letters offer an intimate and sometimes humorous glimpse of how I became a man over more than 14 years in prison. I always wrote my letters chained, sometimes on hunger strike, often in isolation cells. My letters are fragments of my soul and bear witness to a dark period in US history. Like me, they are lucky to have survived. I hope they inspire a deeper understanding of how resilient the human spirit is, and how hope triumphs over despair, light over darkness.” 

Image from Audible

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Audible publishes gripping “Letters from Guantanamo” by Mansoor Adayfi
Statements & Press Releases
Audible publishes gripping “Letters from Guantanamo” by Mansoor Adayfi
Statements & Press Releases