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CAGE Staff Released on Bail for Protesting Against Genocide

July 3, 2024

London - All six staff members of CAGE International arrested public order offences in connection with satirical placards exposing Gaza genocide enablers have been released after over 12 hours in custody. 

To fully appreciate the absurd nature of the arrest and the bizarre behaviour of the police the context is fundamental. A protest had been organised outside Westminster Magistrates Court to express support and solidarity with Marieha Hussain who made a first appearance in connection with a prosecution.

Full details of the protest, including the nature of the placards, were shared with the police beforehand and despite engaging with the police and agreeing to lower the placards, police officers made the arrests. Later in the day, a sixth arrest occurred outside Hammersmith Police Station, where a female member of CAGE staff protesting against the earlier arrests was taken into custody for incitement to racial hatred for chanting ‘coconut you cannot hide, you are charged with genocide’. Her bail conditions prevent her from using a loudspeaker and the other 5 are prohibited signs with politicians and coconuts.

Despite police provocations and attempts to kettle and disperse the protest, approximately 100 determined supporters and protesters community members, who deserve respect and thanks, remained outside Hammersmith Police Station, until the release of the detainees in the early hours. It should not be forgotten that the central issue that led to the reprehensible actions by the police revolved around the right to protest against the genocide taking place in Gaza. This is a right protected both under British and International law. CAGE has long documented the degradation of policing which is increasingly influenced by political considerations rather than public order. 

The military style tactics used in occupied historic Palestine have been adopted by British police following intensive training by their Israeli counterparts. However, as this latest episode and others have shown the British public will not be intimidated in not complying with the obligations upon all peoples and states to take proactive steps against genocide under international law. The fact is that CAGE complied with the rule of law but the police did not, and manufactured a justification for arresting peaceful protesters. We call upon all right thinking people to continue to highlight their opposition to the Israeli apartheid and genocidal regime. CAGE will be raising these issues under the UN Covenant on International and Political rights. 

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CAGE Staff Released on Bail for Protesting Against Genocide
Statements & Press Releases
CAGE Staff Released on Bail for Protesting Against Genocide
Statements & Press Releases