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Measures against ‘extremist’ speakers undermine the rule of law

May 14, 2015

London – CAGE condemns the proposed measures against ‘extremist’ speakers, as yet another assault on the rule of law, and an unnecessary device to propagate the ‘enemy within’ narrative expounded by extreme elements within the current government.

“It is beyond parody that the highest priority given the fiscal deficit and the looming constitutional crisis appears to be a handful of dissenting individuals drawn from a marginalised community,” said CAGE spokesperson Ibrahim Mohamoud.

The government already possesses a vast array of existing legal powers and the ability to manipulate the news agendas with the endorsement of handpicked compliant Muslim individuals and groups.

Mohamoud said:

“The vilification of groups merely because they oppose unjust foreign and domestic policies and then using this to label them extremists and deny them the right to free speech, violates the tenets of British society.”

“The latest moves are reminiscent of Apartheid South Africa where the politics of fear led to a two-tier justice system which disadvantaged a section of society.”

“If Theresa May and the Justice Minister believed in tolerance and equality they would have the courage and confidence to allow debate and the force of argument to prevail against the so-called “preachers of hate”.”

Arbitrary laws where the state has unbridled powers coupled with a compliant legal profession, judiciary and media pose a grave threat to the liberties of all.”

“We continue to call all right-minded, fair and tolerant people to support our work for the protection of the rule of law and not to be deceived by the war on terror rhetoric that has led to injustice and suffering on a scale hitherto unknown in the modern era.”

(CC image courtesy of Mr.TinDC on Flickr)

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Measures against ‘extremist’ speakers undermine the rule of law
Statements & Press Releases
Measures against ‘extremist’ speakers undermine the rule of law
Statements & Press Releases